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  • $ 148.50 Commission Payout on 1st Payment (that`s 50%)
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  • We have 33% Buying Rate
  • And low Cancellation Rate
  • 180 Days Cookie Duration

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These are the shopstars widgets every shop needs!

Purchase targets:
Increase your sales extremely!

Set shopping goals for your customers to make them buy more.

Offer free shipping, a gift or a rebate when they reach a target order value. Combine more targets one after another.


Trust elements - your shop benefits

Your shop has benefits!

So present these benefits as a list item at the desired position in your design. Whether up or down from the edge of the browser, left or right.

You can define the icons, the label and the number of benefits yourself. And even in color.

Countdown for Deals
& Session Time Out

Virtually every online store has products that are offered at discounted prices. So why not install a countdown in Summer Sale? Or with a countdown to point out that the server and the session has a timeout? Just try it out! Does it also increase your conversion rate?


Product Deals as PopUp, Exit-Intend & more

Promote a sale through a countdown. Your visitors will usually buy more, as they will see that the offers are temporary.

Or use short-term offers as an exit intent popup to dissuade visitors from closing the page.


The Subscribe widget is a customizable sign-up form that allows you to send more email subscribers to e.g. Receive your newsletter.

Easily create a custom pop-up, bar, or button for your website. Add custom images and customize the colors according to your website design.


Inquiry / contact: Leads made easy!

Let your visitors contact you from every page or send a request.

The contact box is available in many variants, from large to small, extendable and retractable or as a large pop-up. Of course in your corporate design!

Social Sharing

Use the versatile Share widget to create share buttons, bars, or popups for your website. Make it easy for the shop or website visitors!

Encourage your users to share the top social media product to increase traffic and brand awareness.


User Feedback / Surveys

Get user feedback offers the unique possibility via widget to ask the users of your webshop for a feedback or to ask about the potential for improvement via surveys.

Engagement and Chat: The Facebook Chat

More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp and Facebook. This is a big part of your customers.

Add the Facebook chat to your website and communicate directly with your shop user. Help him with product purchase questions. At every point where you want it.


Chat with site visitors: Help them to buy

More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp and Facebook. This is a big part of your customers.

Connect with them as easy as never before! Offer a live chat where customers can contact you directly. Totally free. Bonus: Use this channel to stay in touch or promote offers.

It’s so easy: your eyes will make eyes!

YES, I want to earn money every month with the shopstars affiliate program!

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E-Mail Swipes

Subject: Stop using a few solutions – take this
Subject: You online shop needs more conversion?
Subject: Revolutionary Sales Widgets to increase your conversion
Subject: Make conversion great again
Subject: Finally with this you can sell your product to new clients
Subject: By Far The Easiest Widget Tool
Subject: The NEXT generation of widgets for all shopsystems

For the very first time, it is possible to use widgets directly to the conversion & sales of online shops, or simply widgets, which help to improve the sales of your shop.

As you may know, a demo of a purchase is extensive, but these problems of your users you should treat very special:

* The user does not get a sales incentive, or
* Shop User „There are too many deals, I do not know what to buy“
* Shop User: „I have a question, where can I turn?“
* Shop User: „I like the article, I would like to show it to my friend!“
* Shop User: „Damn, I just wanted to look at SharkTank, now the session is gone!“
* Shop User: „Can I get a discount here?“

And then it is also a problem to use analysis tools, if you are not a professional in this area. It needs service providers that can (it is only too little good), it also costs a lot of money and actually one would like as a shop owner an „out of the box“ solution, right?

Shopstars makes it quite simple here: Classic Widgets you get here inclusive, and the Premium Widgets – for example: Purchase Targeting – this can set up your own defined goals, thereby to screw at the conversion of the shop.
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Subject: The average of 3% at online shops – what to do
Subject: You online shop needs more conversion?
Subject: Revolutionary Sales Widgets to increase your conversion
Subject: Make conversion great again

shopstars is a SAAS widget tool for online shops and has found out that the average shopping cart is 3% worldwide. Which means that 97% of all shop users will not convert. Even for many years the value – at least on average – has not changed much.

But you can change it:

shopstars now offers widgets, which you can use to significantly improve your sales process! They are currently launching 10 widgets on the market! 7 of them are FREE. The other three are such a MUST, and you can refer here to an absolute advantage.

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